Cloning existing projects

When you're creating a new project, sometimes you might want to reuse what you already have without having to create everything from scratch.

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    This feature requires a Business plan or higher

    Whether you're an agency creating a project for a new client, or an organization that needs to prepare a project for their new branch, using a project template can come in handy.

    Preparing a project template

    You may find yourself in a situation when you need to reuse existing content models, workflow and roles, and maybe even some of your content in a different project. If you happen to have a multilingual project, you'd probably want the languages to be copied as well.

    Rather than creating a whole new project from square one, you can use an existing project, in which you're the subscription admin, as a template. By default, only the basic structures together with the workflow steps and roles will be cloned to the new project. You can also choose to include up to 100 content items, 100 assets, and languages from the project template.

    Tip: Create a separate project to be used as a project template. 

    This way, you don't need to worry about changing something by accident as it might happen when reusing a project that's being worked on regularly.

    Cloning a project

    When cloning a project from a template, the approach is very similar to when creating a new project from scratch.

    1. In the project switcher, choose My projects.
    2. Click Create new.
    3. Type a name of the project.
    4. Select a subscription the project will fall under.
    5. Select a data center for your data.
    6. Select an existing project to be used as a template.
    7. (Optional) Select checkbox to include up to 100 content items, 100 assets, and languages.
    8. Click Create project.

    Note: Selecting a data center is only possible in the Professional plan or higher.

    In the project templates listing, you will see active projects in which you are the subscription admin and these projects need to be under the Business plan or higher.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when cloning a project:

    • Consider your subscription limitations for the maximum number of custom roles and languages that can be included in the plan (chosen in step 4).
    • When duplicating the content, your project template cannot contain more than 100 content items and 100 assets. If you exceed this limit, you won't be allowed to clone the project unless you delete the excessive content.

    What will be cloned

    The following will be cloned from the selected project:

    • Content types / Content snippets
    • Taxonomy
    • Workflow steps
    • Roles
    • (Optional) Languages
    • (Optional) Max. 100 content items
    • (Optional) Max. 100 assets

    Note that to clone the content as well, you need to select the checkbox. Without doing so, the content and languages will not be part of a cloned project.

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