Get started with Kentico Cloud

Table of contents

    How it works

    Kentico Cloud is a headless CMS that serves as a content hub for all your content and allows you to access the content from your applications using an application programming interface.

    Kentico Cloud does not control the presentation (head) of your content to dictate how it should be displayed. The presentation of your content is controlled completely within your own application. This means you can use the same content across multiple channels, such as websites, mobile apps, digital assistants, smart watches, and virtual reality.

    How to use it

    Here's how you use Kentico Cloud in a nutshell:

    1. Prepare content models – A set of templates that define the structure for each piece of writing. This structure is platform-independent and involves creating content types that consist of elements, such as rich text, number, and date.
    2. Create content – With the templates prepared, anyone from your team can add items in one or more languages. Adding and changing content within items is similar to filling out forms.
    3. Publish your content – Once ready, you can publish your content to websites, mobile apps, or any other channel.

    First steps

    Get familiar with how things in Kentico Cloud look and feel:

    If you need guidance on how to accomplish a task within Kentico Cloud, we have interactive guides ready to help.

    Explore a fully featured project

    If you'd like to see more, we have a fully featured sample project with its own website and mobile app. In Kentico Cloud, click on the current project name in the top left, select My projects from the list, and click Create complete sample project.

    Once you open the new project, navigate to Quickstart {@icon-quickstart@} (the first icon in the top left). There, you can try one of the sample apps connected to the project, and, at the same time, explore how the content shown in the apps is structured within the project itself.

    Next steps

    When you're ready to go further and start your own project, see how to: