Getting development resources for Ruby

Find Ruby resources for developing Kentico Cloud powered apps.

Getting support

The open source software listed on this page is maintained by the community.

If you have questions about the open source software or want to report bugs, we recommend submitting issues in the appropriate GitHub repository. The repositories' maintainers will take care of your issue.

For help with coding and structuring your projects, use StackOverflow to ask questions.

Table of contents

    Delivery SDK

    The Delivery Ruby SDK is a client library for retrieving content from Kentico Cloud.

    Supported features

    Learn more about any of the supported features by clicking View docs to open the relevant SDK documentation.

    Retrieve content items{@icon-check@}View docs
    Secure access{@icon-check@}View docs
    Preview unpublished content items{@icon-check@}VIew docs
    Filter content items{@icon-check@}View docs
    Localization{@icon-check@}View docs
    Retrieve linked items and items in Rich text{@icon-check@}View docs
    Retrieve content as strongly-typed models{@icon-cancel@}
    Render components and items in Rich text{@icon-check@}View docs
    Resolve links to content items in Rich text{@icon-check@}View docs
    Retrieve taxonomy groups{@icon-check@}View docs
    Retrieve latest content (skip CDN){@icon-check@}View docs
    Custom elements{@icon-check@}View docs

    Sample applications

    Sample appsDescription
    RailsA very basic Rails application that you can run locally to see how the SDK can be used. Displays content from the Dancing Goat sample project.