Develop apps

Learn how to develop your own applications that use the Kentico Cloud APIs to retrieve and manage Content as a Service.

Table of contents

    Kentico Cloud is a cloud-first headless CMS for digital agencies and their clients which allows you to manage all your content in one place, display that content on any channel using a REST API, and personalize the customer experience. 

    First, read how to get started to find out how to get to Hello World in 5 minutes, see sample apps, and find development resources for your tech stack.

    Then dive deeper into getting content to see how to retrieve your content whatever its form. Work with multiple languages, various relationships, and different structures.

    When you have the basics of your content in your app, see how to integrate with other services to build out capabilities. Content as a Service is ideal for a microservices architecture, so you'll want to know how to add in other services to your solution.

    If you're building for the web, get some help with optimizing for the web. You'll see how to work with images, create SEO-friendly URLs, and handle SEO for JavaScript apps.

    And to make your content journey complete, see how to create personalized content with smart content recommendations.