Changing workflow and assigning contributors to content

You can easily keep track of the content creation process using two simple features:

  • You can assign contributors to content items to let them know you need their input. Contributors can then filter content items to easily find the ones assigned to them.
  • You can move the item through workflow steps as defined in your project workflow settings.

It's common to do both things at once. For example, after finishing a draft of an article, you might want to change its workflow step to Review and assign your editor to the item. You can also leave them a note and set a due date.

See how to assign contributors inside the app.

Table of contents

    Changing workflow of a single item

    To update the workflow of a single content item:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets {@icon-content-and-assets@}.
    2. Click a content item to open it for editing.
    3. Click the current workflow step.
    4. Change the workflow step (next step in workflow is automatically pre-selected). 
    5. Assign contributors {@icon-edit@} to the content item. You need to assign at least one contributor who can work with the new workflow step.
    6. (Optional) Leave a note or instructions for contributors.
    7. (Optional) Set a due date {@icon-content-element-date-time@} for the content item.
    8. Click Change workflow.

    Note: You can't change workflow to the current workflow step. To update the item's contributors, note or due date without updating its workflow, click Contributors {@icon-edit@} on the Details panel.

    Changing workflow of multiple items

    To bulk-update workflow or assign contributors to multiple items at once:

    1. From the app menu, choose Content & Assets {@icon-content-and-assets@}.
    2. Select content items by clicking the checkboxes next to their names.
    3. Click More actions {@icon-more-actions@}.
    4. Choose Change workflow and continue as with a single item.


    Contributors are notified about the progress of the content items assigned to them. Each contributor who can work with the item’s current workflow step will get an email notification when:

    • workflow step of the content item is updated
    • content item is due in a week
    • content item is due in 3 days
    • every day the content item is overdue

    You also get a notification about your colleagues working on the same item at the same time to prevent overwriting any changes.

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